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Primary School PE and Sports Grant

Primary School PE and Sports Funding 2019-2020

Primary School PE and Sports Funding 2019-2020

The legacy of the London Olympics 2012 saw the introduction of the Primary School PE and Sports Funding which is focused on improving provision of PE within primary schools. 

During 2018 – 2019 we believe Bude will receive around £18000

Bude Park Primary School use of Primary School PE and Sports Funding

Bude Park is a member of the Bransholme and District Learning Partnership and as a group we have chosen to work together to secure the effective use of our funding.

Teaching and Learning

One of our partner Secondary Schools (Kingswood Academy) has released the equivalent of one full time member of specialist PE staff to support the programme across the partnership.  This means that each primary school will have a PE specialist working alongside their staff for at least one day per fortnight.                                                                                                                                

At Bude Park this will involve:

  • Providing support for planning and both formative and summative assessment.
  • Working alongside staff in the delivery of lessons
  • Whole school staff development
  • Participation in a wide range of sports competitions
  • Opportunity to take part in ‘taster sessions’ in sports not available in a primary school

Professional Development

  • 1 day per fortnight from PE specialist from Kingswood Academy to work alongside identified staff
  • Specialised and whole staff CPD
  • Bespoke CPD for identified staff


Every class within KS2 will have the opportunity to access 6 weeks of continuous swimming provision/additional teaching. The Trust continues to invest more than usual this year in ensuring that the continuation of and access to swimming provision as part of the sports curriculum this year is robust and regular.


  • Whilst we currently have a high level of quality resources we will purchase additional resources should they be deemed necessary
  • We will purchase a new PE top and sandshoes for every child
  • We will purchase kit for individuals and teams who represent our school

Out of School Activities

  • An additional member of staff will join our PE team and lead out of school activities

Intended outcomes at Bude Park

  • Enhance the skills and confidence of staff
  • Improve the quality of teaching so that all children reach the performance levels they are capable of
  • Enhance participation in, and enjoyment of, PE and Sport within and outside the school day
  • Engage, encourage, support and develop those children identified with specific skills and talents in areas of Physical Education
  • Promote healthy life styles amongst all children and families
  • Ensure every child leaving Bude Park is able to swim to at least the minimum acceptable standards
  • Ensure that by the end of KS2 at least 85% of pupils can swim at least 25m

File icon: pdf Primary PE Sports Funding Statement 2019-2020 [pdf 291KB] Click to download