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The Staff


        Mr S. Allison

Assistant Vice Principal

         Mrs S. Mitchell

Senior Management Team

         Mrs A. Richardson

Foundation Stage

        Mrs M. Northgraves - FS1
        Miss R. Sims - FS2

Key Stage One

        Miss S. Hanson - Y1

        Mrs N. Abbott - Year 1/2
        Mrs S. Mitchell - Year 2

Key Stage Two

         Miss R. Guymer - Year 3/4
         Mrs. A Richardson - Year 4
         Mr. L Crooks - Year 5
         Mr S. Allison - Year 5/6

         Mr  M. Rookyard - HLTA
         Ms K. Eckles - HLTA

SEND and Inclusion Lead

         Mrs. S. Mitchell

Achievement Support Assistants

         Mrs G. Atkinson,  Mrs H. Cooper, Mrs A. Giblin, Mrs C. Leivers,  Miss G. Sansam,
         Mrs E. Smith, Miss N. Greene, Mrs C. Edmonds,  Miss L. Snowley,
         Miss K. Hall, Mrs E. Smith, Mrs M. Harland, Mrs S. Penny, Mrs S. Penrose and Mr C. Grey

Well-Being Team

         Mrs A. Bennett
         Mrs N. Herbert

Administrative Support

         Mrs V. Thompson  - Business Manager    
         Miss S. Jackson - Attendance Officer/Clerical Assistant
Miss J. Salter - Receptionist   


Site Facility Officer

         Mr. A. Giblin


         Mrs. D. Rouse