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Our Approach to Reading Schemes

At Bude Park Primary School, children are encouraged to read at home at least three times a week.  In the Foundation Stage, children begin by taking home story books, which are read to them by an adult.  This gives children the opportunity to learn the skills of holding books, reading left to right and other vital skills.  We do not give children books without words, because this encourages them to use pictures to guess, rather than using their phonics skills.  Once children have a good understanding of how books work and have gained some phonics knowledge, they begin to read books containing simple words which can be blended or sounded out using phonics.

The reading books are colour banded and, as children become more confident and able readers, they will take home books from different colour bands.  The books in the first few colour bands are phonics based, allowing children to apply their phonics knowledge.  Once children become fluent readers, a range of books is provided to allow children to engage in more lengthy discussions about the content of the book.  From Year 2 onwards, children read books which use both phonics and words which are less common, to increase their reading vocabulary.  Children will read at the level they are reading at home and read a more challenging text in Guided Reading sessions.

The main reading schemes used at Bude Park Primary School are Oxford Reading Tree and Rigby.  The phonics books are Floppy's Phonics and Rigby.