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Curriculum Statement

The curriculum at Bude Park is taught 'thematically', supported by selected 'high quality texts', in each year group, to develop literacy skills and provide an engaging context for other curriculum subjects. We have a strong commitment to develop pupils' reading, writing and mathematical skills - which we believe will serve our pupils best in becoming successful life-long learners. 

Our currciculum aims to allow the pupils to achieve identified curriculum goals, embedding progressive key knowledge and the development of key skills in all subject areas, as defined in the National Curriculum. 

We develop and promote the schools core values: resilience - positive attitudes - independence, implicity and explicity at all times, in order to shape citizens and laeders of the future. To support these core values, we embed spiritual, moral and social understanding into our curriculum to enable pupils to be well-mannered, responsible people who know right from wrong, are tolerant and respectful. The result of this rich, engaging and broad experience means that our pupils will be well-prepared for their secondary school years as well as life beyond that in modern Britain. 

If anyone would like any further information relating to the curriculum at Bude Park Primary please contact the school office who will notify a member of our Senior Leadership Team.


File icon: pdf Bude Park Curriculum Goals 2019 [pdf 2MB] Click to download
File icon: pdf Curriculum Statement of Intent [pdf 294KB] Click to download